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South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

What a question! I have always been a glass-half-full kind of guy  but when you think of life changing events, most of them  are negative or have a slight degree of negativity connected to them.

I have always been keen on travelling, and I have seen my fair share of the world. I grew up in many places and attended school in a variety of countries. I attended school in the Netherlands, Germany, France and then moved to South Africa, where I finally finished high school. I am all for adventure and new experiences.

I have always had trouble with small spaces and extreme heights, despite being an adrenaline junkie. Now diving has always been an interest of mine but because of my claustrophobia, it was a mighty challenge to breathe normally underwater the way we do everyday. Even though the ocean was so immense, the thought still chilled me to the bone.

The day arrived where I decided this had to come to an end. I could not let this claustrophobia define what I can and cannot do! A friend of mine was a highly qualified diving instructor and I told him I want him to help me overcome this fear. I told him to tie a rope around my body and to keep me submerged under the water, with all the necessary diving gear, and to keep me there until I calmed down and conditioned my body to breathe normally.

This event changed my life dramatically because I had overcome this fear. I have discovered a whole new world in the ocean and I still marvel at the beauty of the ocean every time I dive. It still amazes me that with willpower and determination you can overcome anything in life!

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