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South Africa

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Motorcycles are, and will always be, a keen interest of mine but I will never again own one.

A few years ago, my wife and I both owned a motorcycle and we regularly tested their speeds. I have always been a speedster and I enjoy taking risks.

We were on our way to have breakfast a few towns away when received a warning. I was travelling far above the speed limit when a voice spoke to me. The voice  was not faint or inside my head, it was like someone had put earphones into my ears and turned up the volume. The voice said to me “You need to sell these motorcycles immediately because the devil is out to get you.

I was so shaken to my core! I realized that I had broken the law by driving so fast and I believe that God had prewarned me. It was not even a week later and I had sold the bikes. To this day I believe that God had spoken to me and had saved me from what could have been a terrible accident.

I still enjoy the rush and the speed, and I am naturally an irresponsible person, but I know that my decision was a sound one and I do not regret it.

After this event, I had a renewed strength in my faith. I sold the bike out of obedience and I know this has saved my life. This was the first time that God had spoken so directly to me and, even now, I can recall the sound of His voice in my ear.

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