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South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

I feel it is never just one moment that defines your life. There is a multitude of events that influence my life every single day.

To pin down a single event is rather difficult but moments that have always fascinated me are the moments I experience when meeting new people. I absolutely love meeting new people and I enjoy listening to their views and perceptions.

I am keen on asking questions and I want to know what people are thinking and how they make decisions. I think so many of us are so trapped in our own minds that we forget to take a step back and really think of the people around us.

There is an old belief that we are all linked with a red string. When one person pulls at the string, others are influenced. I believe this is so relevant in our lives. It amazes me to see how one person’s decisions influence so many other people. It’s such a powerful idea that our decisions influence the lives of others!

People have always fascinated me and I am inspired by how unique everyone is; and despite there being over 7 billion people living on our planet, not a single one of us is the same! Isn’t it amazing?

Another idea that I carry close to my heart is the idea that everyone is put onto your path to teach you some lesson. The lessons may be good, bad, big, small and may seem insignificant, but the lessons must be learnt in order for us all to grow and develop into better people.

When making a decision, remember to think of the red string.

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