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Decade that you were born in



South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

The moment I decided to pack up and leave for Johannesburg was definitely a defining moment.

The company I had been working for, in Cape Town, was being taken over by a larger company and my position, as a call center agent, wasn’t necessary anymore. After 3 years as a call centre agent, I was offered a similar position in Johannesburg. The idea was frightening yet exhilarating.

I was scared, nervous, excited and uncertain. What would Jo’burg have in store for me? I didn’t know anyone, I had no family in Jo’burg and I barely knew how to navigate the city. It was a daunting challenge but a challenge none the less! And there is nothing I love more than taking on a challenge!

I said my farewells, leaving all I knew behind, and made the final move to Jo’burg. I moved to Jo’burg in April of 2015. Upon arrival I barely had much time to settle, I already had to work the following Saturday. I made my way to the office the best way I could manage. I stood for about an hour at the bus station, trying to figure out which bus to take and what time. At first it seemed impossible to ever find my way in Jo’burg but I quickly learned; and I am proud to say I navigate it better than most of Jo’burg’s long-term residents.

This change in my life was more than just a change in location; it was a change in attitude, in mindset. I was so caught up in negativity, I didn’t realize that it was starting to destroy my life. Moving to Jo’burg was the fresh start I needed and I immediately shifted my mindset to that of positivity and prosperity. I stay positive by any means possible; books, inspiring people, quotes; the list is endless. I recreated myself and realized that in order for my dreams to be accomplished I need to start living, taking chances and embracing change. There will be times when life gets difficult but you need to fight through it!

Five years ago I would never have imagined where I would be today. I would have never thought I would be living in Jo’burg, I would be living a life I truly enjoy. I never realized that my setting goals and actually working towards them, that I would have accomplished so much. My life has truely changed for the better. By the way, my next goal is to buy a car. I have been promoted and I am working under a new department.

I do not know what my future holds and I gladly embrace the uncertainty. For the first time in a long time I am excited about the mystery of the future. I KNOW that I will be able to handle whatever crosses my path!

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