Now I know this isn’t my typical post and I claim to be no expert in achieving your goals, but it feels great to be able to say that I have accomplished one of mine!

Achieving Your Goals, One Step At A Time

We have have certain things that we would like to achieve in our lives and these are our goals. At one stage I had not specific goal in my life, I simply went through the motions.

One of my very first goals was to be able to publish a book someday and I didn’t care whether only one person read it or whether millions read it, I just wanted to publish a book. Now it sounded like a breeze at first, just write a few words, fill a few pages and there you go, you have a book.

For a long time I procrastinated and delayed writing and my stories started gathering dust. In 2017 I decided to start taking control on my life and one of my goals was to write 500 words a day, specifically on my one story. I already about about 5,000 words in the story but it remained that way for about 6 months. Now as January of 2018 draws to an end, I have achieved a goal I set to reach 15,000 words. There is still a long way to go and I realize my story is far from ready but I officially have my first draft ready and now I can build onto it.


Setting Reasonable Goals

One lesson I quickly learned about achieving your goals was to set easy and reasonable goals. Personally I would rather had small daily goals that work up to something bigger than just one big monthly goal.

In my case I was determined to write 500 words, good or bad, in a day. Only later one did I calculate that if I put in a bit extra, I would be able to get to my 15,000 words before the end of the month. There were a few days that I only wrote about 150 words and other days that I was able to write 2,700 words, but I still achieved my goal.

Be Patient

I believe there are different types of patience and having patience with yourself is one type that we all need to work on. When it comes to achieving my goals I can be very impatience with myself and I tend to become restless and doubtful of my progress, but I pushed through it and here I stand (or sit) with a feeling of achievement!

What goals did you set for yourself? How do you go about achieving these goals?

I’m curious to see what works for others and how you may be doing things differently.


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