David Anderson

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South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

I was truly inspired to live a better life.

We had arrived on time for the race and I was hyped up to start. The race we were participating in was the Warrior Race. The race has levels of difficulty and you can sign up for which ever level you feel comfortable with.

My team, mostly work colleagues, and I had signed up and, after a rather tedious drive, had finally arrived in the small town where it all started. We were getting ready for the race, warming up, applying the sun lotion generously and made sure we all had our water bottles ready for the obstacle course race.

The gun fired and we were off. Climbing, crawling, rolling and a variety of other motions was required to overcome the obstacles. We were participating in the medium level race and it was quite exhausting but I enjoyed every moment of it. My team was close to the end when I saw two men, both disabled, participating in the most difficult of all the races. The one man had only one leg and the other man had only one arm. It seemed time had slowed and I was amazed by the determination of these two men and despite being amputees, they persisted.

I realized that we are so quick to complain about our lives and are so ungrateful. We forget to notice how much we have in our lives. Those two men really inspired me to notice what I have in life and to be grateful. I felt inspired by their determination and have since then adopted this and I live my life to the best of my ability.

Be grateful and life a glorious life.

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