Anxious About Travelling

After some interesting news, I have the opportunity to travel Thailand for a longer period. Even though this is the news I have been waiting for, it has left me anxious about travelling! It scares me because I will be away from all that I’ve known for a much longer period. The longest I’ve been away from everything I know was about 2 months, but I still stayed with family.

During my very first Ireland trip, I stepped onto the plane, uncertain as to what to expect and what I would do. Now I will be stepping onto the plane, much more confident and comfortable with myself and travelling. I know I will be able to make a plan and have it work out but it still leaves me anxious.

It’s Normal They Say

Being anxious about travelling is a natural thing and I know this in my mind, but my heart does not know it yet! My heart is in a frantic spin, leaving mixed emotions in its wake. Despite attempts to calm my frantic heart, I still feel it racing and leaving me nervous.

I also feel excited! The excitement of a new chapter in my life and a new start in a new place. Excitement about meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things. My hope is that this step will take me one step closer to my goals of becoming a successful digital nomad. There, I said it! My great secret; I want to be a digital nomad…

In All Seriousness

All jokes aside, I really am nervous and scared about the big change that is about to happen. It will definitely change my life, there is no doubt about that, but I will make sure that it changes for the better!

Life is a strange thing and our plans rarely work out exactly as planned. We need to work and fight for what we want, help each other along the way and let your light shine!

My use of cliches is obvious but it rings true. This next adventure is my way of escaping my comfort zone, jumping into the unknown and following my passions and dreams. With hard work and dedication, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I do not hold myself blind and naive to hard times as this is part of life, but the hard times will push me to grow into the person that I need to be.

How do you deal with anxiety about travelling?

Let me know in the comments below!

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