With our bags packed, we had a small breakfast and we were off. We walked to the bus station and bought two tickets to Cork. It would be a long bus ride but I was looking forward to seeing some of Cork again. My previous experience in Cork was not great, but I decided to start fresh and try and experience Cork with new eyes.

Heading for Cork city center

We arrived in Cork in slightly less than 4 hours. We booked in at Sheilas Hostel situated north of the River Lee. The Christmas season was evident and it was wonderful. The streets where filled with Christmas decorations and the music drifted through the streets. My view of Cork drastically changed then.

We wandered along the streets, taking in all we could. I lead us to the English Market again, taking our time and enjoying the atmosphere.

English Market main entrance
Inside the English Market
Isles splitting from the main area

As a passionate foodie, the English Market remains one of my favorite places in Cork.


We made our way through the market and headed for St Fin Barre‘s cathedral. Along the way we discovered the Christmas fair where I bought a few sweets to nibble on.

St Fin Barre’s cathedral 
St Fin Barre’s cathedral

I walked through the labyrinth found on the grounds and took in the sights.

It was starting to get dark and the rain clouds darkened very suddenly. We decided to head back to the hostel and have an early night.

Rainy Cork

It was a great first day in Cork and I was excited for what lay ahead. I had not planned too much but I knew more or less what I wanted us to do.

Things to remember:

  • Cork is the food capital of Ireland.
  • Sheilas Hostel was an okay hostel but not the best that I have experienced. Try staying at a hostel closer to the city center.
  • The English Market closes on Sundays and bank holidays.

Try these:

  • Blackrock Castle Observatory. I really wanted to visit the castle but never got around to it.
  • Ring the bells at St Anne‘s church. Pay a small fee and you get to ring the church bells.
  • It is possible to go into St Fin Barre‘s cathedral.

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