Confession Time

I have a terrible confession that I must make. I have been rather busy lately and a terrible habit has reared its ugly head.

I have started rushing off my posts just to get content out. This is not what I want you to read and will be putting in much more effort to create content that will be worth your while. I would like to apologize for this and I will be making the necessary changes in my schedule to correct this.


Thank you to all the readers that visit my blog on a regular basis. I am currently working on the last few posts on the Ireland trip. The end is close and then I will start expanding on some places I’ve visited in South Africa. I would like to go into more detail with the South Africa posts and will definitely be looking for odd and interesting places and things to do.

Your Input

If there are any suggestions, please comment. If there is something you would like to see more of, please let me know. Would you like some longer pieces, or are the shorter pieces better? I will try a few longer pieces soon and see how they rate.

Thanks yet again to everyone.


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  1. Both long and short are good depending on the story. them rather short! What do you think about mine?

    1. I really enjoy the comedic side of your content. I keep smiling as I read them. I think shorter pieces are great for your type of content. You get to the point, make me laugh and give great tips as the story unfolds.

      1. Hey, thanks a lot. I am glad to make giggle a bit. Have a great weekend!

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