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I’ve been wanting to do a travel tips post since last year sometime but after a recent experience it seemed the time has come. In this post I will be giving you my take on buying plane tickets tips.

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My Plane Ticket Experience

After some changes in my Thailand travel plans, I had to cancel one of our plane tickets. Upon requesting information regarding the cancellation and was informed that there would be no refund. I then requested changing the date of the ticket and they informed me that if I changed the date of one ticket, both dates would be changed.

Confused and frustrated by the situation, we decided not to make any changes. So this lead to my first travel tips post; buying plane tickets tips.

Travel Tips – Buying Plane Tickets

1. Buy each ticket on a separate booking (when flying with someone else)

Now I can’t say whether this happens to everyone, but this was the mistake that I made. I bought both tickets on the same booking. If I had separated the booking the date change would have been possible for one ticket while keeping the other the same.

2. Reading the T&Cs

In the Terms & Conditions of the specific middleman that I have booked through, it specifically stated that cancellations would mean no refund, no name changes and changing dates may influence both tickets if bought on the same booking. Some of these I have never heard of before, so this was a shock to me.

3. Be Patient and SAVE!

Emirates is one of my favorite airlines and I would honestly always fly with them, if possible. So I found a return ticket to Bangkok from Johannesburg and I was set on buying it, the only problem was the price. I hesitated for a moment and ended up NOT buying the ticket. A week or so later when I checked the prices again, they had dropped by about 20%!

So my tips is try and get an average price that you would be willing to spend and wait a few days before booking the flight. If it falls within your average price then buy it, otherwise wait and it may drop slightly.

4. Be Flexible with Times and Dates

Being flexible about your times and dates can save you a lot in the long term! We initially wanted to fly on a Friday but it turned out that the Thursday tickets would be 10% cheaper. We also chose the late flight that was cheaper than the early morning flight and now we have some extra cash.

In short, be open to changing your departure dates and times slightly to save some money.

5. Layovers

On long, international flights, layovers are usually non-avoidable. Be open to longer layovers but remember that your time is precious. If I had to pay a tiny bit more to reduce my layover from 6 hours to 1 hour, then I will definitely consider it! 6 hours in an airport doesn’t sound too bad until you get there, too tired and groggy to do anything.

6. Flex Tickets

Usually when you are busy checking plane ticket prices, you notice the option to pay slightly more for a flexible ticket; do it! I know we all try to save a much as possible and our budgets can be very restricting, but anything can happen and you need to change dates. Most flexible tickets allow you one free date change and a few other options on your ticket.

7. Airline Choices

I know I may be biased towards Emirates but I have seen a few other airlines that I would definitely consider! There are also a few other airlines I would NOT consider and would try to avoid. Be mindful when choosing which airline you fly with and where your layover will be.

Also be on the lookout for tours that are offered by some airlines, such as Turkish Airlines. They have a free tours for longer layovers where you can take a tour and see some of Istanbul! I honestly considered using them at one stage, just to experience some of Istanbul for free!

8. Use Promo-Codes

When booking for more than one, be sure to check if you get a promo code after making the first booking. Your friend can use this promo code and save on their ticket. This is a great way to work together with friends and family to save while travelling.

9. Consider Nearby Airports

I know that when flying to Thailand, you can fly to the Phuket airport as well and sometimes it can be slightly cheaper despite the short layover in Bangkok.

It sounds strange but I have come across this. I was looking for tickets to Bangkok but they were all above my threshold, so I found tickets to Phuket that worked out cheaper. The Phuket flight would mean a short layover in Bangkok, which made no sense at all but who am I to question this.

And so I conclude my post on Buying Plane Tickets Tips, the first in many travel tips posts.

Do you have any other tips?

Let me know in the comments below!


Thanks for reading and I hope next time you buy a plane ticket, you remember some of these tips.

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