Departing for Cape Town

My trip start early on a Sunday morning. I made my way to Lanseria airport through the darkness that still surrounded me. I had no idea where to go or what to expect.

As I pull into the Lanseria airport I choose a parking as close to the entrance as possible and in my mind I think it should be close enough to the building. With my car secure I stand and look around, searching for a sign of the main building.

Lights guide me as I stumble through the dark. Luckily I arrived much earlier and I have some time to spare; I’ll probably have a coffee before I depart.

The Lanseria airport is VERY small. Two coffee shops and a small gadget shop make up the most interesting part of the building. I should have brought that book along!

Finally my boarding call announcement echoes through the very empty halls and I stand up and check in. The flight would take about 2 hours; not very long at all.

Arriving in Cape Town

Descending into Cape Town
Descending into Cape Town with an ocean view

We descended and landed at the Cape Town International Airport. I collected my luggage and went searching for the EuroCar where my car for the next two days would be waiting. Upon arrival the car that was scheduled has not been returned and I receive and upgrade to a much nicer car.

I exit the parking area and excitement bubbles inside of me. The last time I had visited Cape Town was as a young boy and I could only remember bits and pieces. My GPS leads me to my hotel and as I drive I am entirely immersed in the Cape Town vibes. The hotel is much closer than expected and a have about 20 minutes before my check-in time.

With time to spare, I decide to take a quick drive to Hout Bay. I stop a few times to become part of the ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves.

Along the way
Quick stop

I cruise along and finally end up in Hout Bay. My temptation to stop and wander around is halted when I glance at my watch and notice my time to book in is fast approaching.

The City Town Lodge would be my home for one night. They inform me that my room would only be ready in about an hour or so. Relieved, I quickly find my car and decide to drive along the coast line around Table Mountain and then back in an hour.

The Scenic Cape Peninsula


Mountains along the way
Beautiful ocean view


Taking photos while driving

I even stop at one of the beaches.

Beach stop
Beach vibes

Sand tickles my toes as I wiggle my feet into the beach sand. Salt fresh air fills my lungs and I stand smiling.

Reluctantly I head back to the car and keep on driving. I drive all the way around the Cape Peninsula. The drive is therapeutic and I relax with my windows open, allow fresh air to accompany me as I make my way to the hotel. I take a short trip to see Charley’s Bakery and to hopefully buy a piece of cake but to my dismay they are closed for the day.

Charley’s Bakery

At the hotel I receive yet another upgrade to a loft. Pleasantly surprised, I head for my room. The shower welcomes me with its warm water. I get dressed and decide to take a quick nap.

Dinner with a Pleasant Stranger

The sun sets and I decide to have dinner at the hotel. The friendly staff assist me and I take a seat. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic with lounge music playing softly in the background. I sit alone but quickly pick up on the young lady sitting a few tables from me. She sounds foreign and looks friends, so I stand up and ask whether I can join her for dinner. We spend the night laughing and telling each other about our respective countries. She tells me many interesting things about the Netherlands and I reveal what I know of South Africa. We end the night parting ways having had a good time.

Tiredness overwhelms me and I quickly fall asleep.

The next day I complete the original task assigned to me and I head for the airport.

The trip was a wonderful experience despite having been so short. I would definitely like to return to Cape Town and experience much more. Cape Town would definitely form part of my recommendation when visiting South Africa.

Do you know of any hidden gems or popular sites in Cape Town? Please let me know and I will add it to my to-see list next time I visit Cape Town.


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