Day 2 – Weekend in Graskop | Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga
Graskop Weekend - Fun Things to do in Mpumalanga

Day 2 – Weekend in Graskop | Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga

Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga

The heels of my feet hang over the edge, over the emptiness. My heart is pounding as the adrenaline rush takes control and thoughts race through my mind. With my knees bent, I shift my weight backwards and weightlessness takes over; I am falling. So what are some of the fun things to do in Mpumalanga?

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Choices for 2018 | An Exciting Year to Come

So the first two weeks of 2018 have are about to come to an end; I can't believe it! In March of 2017, I did a post on the choices for 2017 and I thought it only fitting to do a piece on choices for 2018!

Choices for 2018

Even before 2018 started, I was already making plans for this exciting year and working on a few things to improve my blog.

What happened to the 2017 Choices?

Good questions! And I honestly don't have a good answer. So in March of 2017 I was still deciding on whether to go to Thailand, Greece or Italy. The decision was a difficult one but I finally decided to do a two week trip split between Greece and Italy. The budget had been worked out and the trip was planned, I only needed to buy the actual tickets.

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