Anxious About Travelling | Traveling To Thailand

Anxious About Travelling

After some interesting news, I have the opportunity to travel Thailand for a longer period. Even though this is the news I have been waiting for, it has left me anxious about travelling! It scares me because I will be away from all that I’ve known for a much longer period. The longest I’ve been away from everything I know was about 2 months, but I still stayed with family.


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Thailand Travel Plans | A Quick Update

Thailand Travel Plans

The one-month mark has come and gone, slow at first but quick to pass. #thailandtripcountdown

I have so much that I still need to do before I can pack my bags and just leave! So here is an update on the Thailand travel plans…


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Choices for 2018 | An Exciting Year to Come

So the first two weeks of 2018 have are about to come to an end; I can’t believe it! In March of 2017, I did a post on the choices for 2017 and I thought it only fitting to do a piece on choices for 2018!

Choices for 2018

Even before 2018 started, I was already making plans for this exciting year and working on a few things to improve my blog.

What happened to the 2017 Choices?

Good questions! And I honestly don’t have a good answer. So in March of 2017 I was still deciding on whether to go to Thailand, Greece or Italy. The decision was a difficult one but I finally decided to do a two week trip split between Greece and Italy. The budget had been worked out and the trip was planned, I only needed to buy the actual tickets.


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