Anxious About Travelling | Traveling To Thailand

Anxious About Travelling

After some interesting news, I have the opportunity to travel Thailand for a longer period. Even though this is the news I have been waiting for, it has left me anxious about travelling! It scares me because I will be away from all that I’ve known for a much longer period. The longest I’ve been away from everything I know was about 2 months, but I still stayed with family.


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My Place In This World | Unexpected Truth From A Stranger

We all reach a point in our lives where we think on our place in this world. I was on a bus when a stranger would speak truth and give me unexpected insight into my place in this world.


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It’s All About You Now | Cutting Down On Costs

So it’s officially all about you now, yes you. I’m really depending on you now.

It’s All About You Now

Uncertainty and Some Bad News

A few weeks ago I received an email notifying me that I may be up for retrenchment. Though it was not a definite and there were many discussion to be had, it still shook my world.

I went through the various stages from stress to sadness, acceptance to rejection; I experienced it all. Even though retrenchment is by far not the worst thing to ever happen, it still affects your life in a huge way.

As part of saving up and making my money last, I’ve stopped all ads running for my site. This means a big dip in visitors and readers, leaving me feeling despondent.


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