Anxious About Travelling | Traveling To Thailand

Anxious About Travelling

After some interesting news, I have the opportunity to travel Thailand for a longer period. Even though this is the news I have been waiting for, it has left me anxious about travelling! It scares me because I will be away from all that I've known for a much longer period. The longest I've been away from everything I know was about 2 months, but I still stayed with family.

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Day 2 – Weekend in Graskop | Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga
Graskop Weekend - Fun Things to do in Mpumalanga

Day 2 – Weekend in Graskop | Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga

Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga

The heels of my feet hang over the edge, over the emptiness. My heart is pounding as the adrenaline rush takes control and thoughts race through my mind. With my knees bent, I shift my weight backwards and weightlessness takes over; I am falling. So what are some of the fun things to do in Mpumalanga?

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It’s All About You Now | Cutting Down On Costs

So it's officially all about you now, yes you. I'm really depending on you now.

It's All About You Now

Uncertainty and Some Bad News

A few weeks ago I received an email notifying me that I may be up for retrenchment. Though it was not a definite and there were many discussion to be had, it still shook my world. I went through the various stages from stress to sadness, acceptance to rejection; I experienced it all. Even though retrenchment is by far not the worst thing to ever happen, it still affects your life in a huge way. As part of saving up and making my money last, I've stopped all ads running for my site. This means a big dip in visitors and readers, leaving me feeling despondent.

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