I was shocked to see the end of February approach rapidly. My plans for this year are not set in stone but I have a few things in mind. I have three destinations that I am considering this year and I have been working on the budget for each option. I will also be taking my grandmother and mother on their first trip overseas and I really want them to have the most amazing experience. The plan is to go in August, probably closer to the end of the month and for 10 days, more or less.

What are my options?

So here are my options and my thoughts (and what I’ve heard and read):

  • Thailand
    • The weather is good year round, or so I hear, and rain is usually the only things that will keep you indoors.
    • It’s inexpensive which means we would be able to do a lot more with very little money.
    • There is an entirely different culture and the food will be something none of us are used to.
    • Natural beauty
    • Parties, which we are all rather excited about.
    • Night markets
    • Beaches
    • I’ve heard it is rather quiet in August, so we can relax and not expect too many crowds.
    • Accommodation is inexpensive so we can stay in slight better rooms.
    • Cheap shopping.
    • No visa is required.
  • Italy
    • The summer will be coming to an end, so the temperature will still be great.
    • There are lots of typical touristy sights to see, which I am sure my grandmother and mother will enjoy, especially for their first trip.
    • The culture will differ but it will probably be easier to adjust to.
    • The food! Enough said!
    • Natural beauty and history
    • August is also not the busiest time, so we will have some breathing space.
    • Accommodation is expensive but the hostels are usually better.
    • We will all need to apply for a visa.
  • Greece
    • More or less the same can be said as in Italy and some more.
    • There are the islands which are great!
    • Parties on the islands

Now this is rather basic and my thoughts are gathered from very light reading and not too detailed research.

I am not interested in staying at a resort and spending my time there. I want to be out and about, seeing and experiencing the country.

Budget wise, Thailand is the better option and we will be able to save up more than enough for the trip. For Italy and Greece, we will be able to save up just enough to live on a strict budget with no extra money. I would very much like to see them all but for three people, it becomes expensive.

We are leaning towards Thailand but nothing is set in stone. If the exchange rates stays stable, we will be able to pay our planes tickets, accommodation and entrance fees for around R12,000 per person (slightly more than 850 EUR or 900 USD) which isn’t too bad. With some extra spending money, then we should be able to have a great trip.

Any tips and advice, please comment and let me know!

And so the planning continues. I might even go to all of them; you never know!

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