So the first two weeks of 2018 have are about to come to an end; I can’t believe it! In March of 2017, I did a post on the choices for 2017 and I thought it only fitting to do a piece on choices for 2018!

Choices for 2018

Even before 2018 started, I was already making plans for this exciting year and working on a few things to improve my blog.

What happened to the 2017 Choices?

Good questions! And I honestly don’t have a good answer. So in March of 2017 I was still deciding on whether to go to Thailand, Greece or Italy. The decision was a difficult one but I finally decided to do a two week trip split between Greece and Italy. The budget had been worked out and the trip was planned, I only needed to buy the actual tickets.

Then Dubai came up and the plans for Greece and Italy blew out the window. My Dubai visit was definitely an amazing experience and I really enjoyed the trip.

Merchant ships along Dubai river
Merchant Boats

Later the year I went to Cape Town and then Mthatha, all for business. The year progressed and I went to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and then to Graskop (which I still need to finish before I publish that post).

View from my room over the pier

The year quickly spiraled and I lost track of any plans to go to Greece and Italy. A majority of this travel was for business and that meant that I was saving on leave days.

2017 drew to an end and my boss said that I need to use my leave early in 2018 to prevent it from expiring; and obviously my reaction was of pure excitement and my wanderlust kicked in.

My Choices for 2018

So if you have been watching some of my videos on YouTube, you may have heard me mentioning my plans for Thailand, TBEX and more.

Thailand Plans

My mom and I have been wanting to go on a trip for a long time but we never got around to it. So with all this leave waiting to be used, I proposed that we both go to Thailand for two weeks in April. The idea immediately took root and we have been planning ever since. Now I know April is still a few months away and there is certainly a lot that can happen, but I am set on going and experiencing Thailand.

TBEX – Ostrava, Czech Republic

So TBEX is the Travel Blog Exchange that happens every year in a different location. The TBEX for 2018 will be taking place in Ostrava in the Czech Republic and I am tempted to go. I need to register before the 26th of January (I think) and then the planning has to start.

It will be an amazing experience and I have no doubt that I will be meeting many travel bloggers there. My only thought is that the TBEX for 2019 will be taking place in Harare, Zimbabwe, and this is much closer to me than Ostrava. So I am not certain on whether to go this year to wait for next year.

What do you think I should do? Go to Ostrava this year for the TBEX? Or skip and go to Harare next year?

Let me know in the comments!

Indonesia, Malaysia or UK

I would also like to go away in September or October, so my thoughts were either Indonesia, Malaysia or the UK.

Indonesia and Malaysia will both be much more affordable and I would like to take a friend with or possibly my gran.

The UK is also a tempting option as one of my very best friends is currently living in England and I will be saving a lot on accommodation.

I also considered seeing more of Europe but I have not thought too much on that. Or maybe I should take my gran to Greece.

SO MANY CHOICES! If i had the money and leave days to see all these places, I would, but I am restricted to the amount of leave I can take and by the money I will have available.

Where would you rather go? Indonesia, Malaysia, UK or Greece?

Let me know in the comments!

So that it is for now. I hope you enjoyed this post on my choices for 2018. Be sure to check out some of my videos on YouTube and follow me on social media.

Until next time!


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