We had an early start and made our way to the bus station. Along the way I booked our trip to Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands, for the next day. I had not been to the islands previously but I was very excited to finally see them.

Our day trip would include a few stops along the way with the Cliffs of Moher as our final destination. The last time I went to see the cliffs I was not at all prepared, with regards to my shoes, but this time I had the perfect pair of shoes for the occasion. The day trip costs about 25 Euro, depending on which company you take.

We stopped at Dunghaire castle for a quick photo session.


After this we made our way to the Burren.

While in the Burren region, we stopped to see the Poulnabrone Dolmen.

Poulnabrone Dolmen

We wandered around the area for a short while. I met a couple from South Africa there and it felt rather strange to speak Afrikaans in Ireland. Our next stop would be Doolin.

In Doolin we stopped for an early lunch. This time around we had some more time to explore tiny Doolin.

We popped into Gus O’Connor’s Pub where my sister and I had fish and chips, which was absolutely wonderful. We then strolled over to the tiny chocolate shop to see what they have to buy. I had just used my last cash to pay for the food and with great dismay could not buy even the smallest chocolate, disappointed we walked out of the store. I then suddenly remembered I had dropped a few coins in my camera bag. We were able to scratch together 5 Euro in coins, 2.50 each with which we could afford some of the cheapest chocolate we could find, but it was worth it none the less.

By then we were all ready to see the Cliffs of Moher and we were hoping the weather would clear up along the way. The drive was quick and the clouds parted, giving the perfect opportunity to see the cliffs.

Arriving at the Cliffs of Moher
Long walk along the edge

We walked and walked and walked. I am quite sure we walked more than any other day but it was all worth it. We walked and headed up to one of the highest parts of the cliffs.

Long way down

We stood and relished the moment as the wind flew past us and the sound of the water far below filled our ears. It was great to see the cliffs again.

Castle at Cliffs of Moher

We walked to the castle and back to the parking area. The clouds had returned by then and the sun no longer supplied the much-needed heat. So we climbed onto the bus and waited for the final passengers to join us again.

We thought the day was finished but as we drove along the Wild Atlantic way we were fortunate enough to capture a beautiful sunset.

Wild Atlantic Way sunset

All in all I really enjoyed the day.

When we arrived in Galway again, it was dark and we were both starving. I guided us to a great place to eat; the Chilli Shack.

Things to Remember

  • Have some cash at hand if you consider going to Doolin. The lady in the chocolate shop said there is not a single ATM in Doolin and very few places accept card.
  • Shoes to get dirty with – there is usually a lot of mud involved at the Cliffs of Moher, so make sure to where the right shoes.
  • Pack some snack and drinks – keep something small to eat with you as the day is long and you are bound to develop a sudden thirst or hunger.
  • Rent a car – there are many companies that offer the Cliffs of Moher trip but if you prefer taking your time then renting a car is a great option.

Check out my previous post on the same day trip I took earlier the year.

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