We’re here!

We finally arrived at Dublin Airport at around 11:30 pm on the 30th of November.

I waited in anticipation for my sister’s reaction but she remained quiet. We had our passports stamped and headed to the baggage claim. By then the cold air had slithered into our clothes. We headed to the bus stop and bought a ticket to Dublin City.

An afternoon in Dublin

The familiar smells and sights consumed my senses and all the wonderful memories rushed back. I remember walking down many of these streets, scared and so uncertain, but now I walk down them confident and excited! My sister, on the other hand, was experiencing what I can only assume to be fear of such uncertainty.

We booked into the Four Courts Hostel and freshened up. We headed out to do some quick exploring but soon returned with lunch and had an early night.

Good morning dearest Dublin

I made sure we were up early! I had planned to see a lot and it would be a tight schedule.


First we tried to book a day tour to see some castles but ended up getting lost. Along the way we strolled past a few beautiful buildings.


We wandered past the Guinness storehouse, took a few photos and headed back to where we had come from.

I took my sister to see the Viking museum; Dublinia, and I also bought a pass to go into the cathedral. We briskly walked through the museum, walking through all three levels in less than an hour. We were about to leave when I saw a hallway leading to stairs. The stairs elevated us above the city and we watched as the city passed by from the tower.



After marveling at the view, we headed back down the stairs and crossed the small bridge over to the cathedral. We still had much to see…


The Christ Church Cathedral was beyond anything I had expected. I was blown away by the high ceilings and the detail that is contained in only this one building.


My sister and I strolled around and marveled at the sight. As the clock struck 12, we were invited to join a prayer for peace. We took a seat and the short ceremony started. A prayer in Gaelic followed and it was finished.

We exited the cathedral and headed for the Wax Museum Plus. I had been here previously but my sister enjoyed it a great deal. After the wax museum we headed to the nearest Costa for a cafe mocha and hot chocolate.

With bellies filled with warm, milky liquids, I immediately headed for St. George’s Street Arcade!


This is truly something to experience. I stumbled upon the arcade when I was in Dublin previously and would always return. If you are looking for odd and interesting things to buy, or to just stroll through, the arcade is very interesting.

By then the light was starting to fade away and darkness approached rapidly. I decided to make one last stop at St Stephen’s Green. The wind curled around my limbs and climbed into my jacket. We wandered through the park before headed home.

On our way to the hostel, we picked up something small to eat. As we entered the hostel, I was lucky enough to see a brochure for the castles tour we wanted to do and booked two seats on the bus for the next day.

Excited and exhausted, we both crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Extra Notes

  • Most of the places only open after 9 am. Plan your day accordingly.
  • Winter time in Dublin is cold but bearable. The wind was the coldest element for me.
  • Dress warmly but not too many layers. When going indoors it’s usually much warmer and the layers could be a hassle.
  • Always carry some cash. Dublin is a big city but I have stumbled upon many cafes that only accept cash.
  • Try some the of smaller, less busy cafes. We met amazing people there and had a few laughs with them.

Next up is our day trip to the Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle and a quick stop in Cork.

Thanks for reading!

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