I was up early the morning of my second day. Blisters clung to my feet and my legs were stiff from the long walk of the previous day. Getting dressed was a challenge but I finished up and went down for breakfast; relieved to find a huge variety.

After breakfast I met up with my colleagues and off we went to explore a bit. We took a tiny boat to the other side of the river and decided to wander through some more markets we discovered.

Docks along the river
Crossing the river on a tiny boat
Wandering through the markets

After having purchase a few souvenirs, we strolled through the streets and took in as much of the vibe as possible. As I turned a corner an array of brightly colored flowers greeted me and I followed them down a dark corridor. My nose picked up on the strong smell of incense as I pressed on, curious to see where I would end up. The corridor opened onto a small gathering of people on their way to pray.

Colourful display along the way

After leaving the praying people behind, we strolled through the streets and discovered a few interesting sights.

Al Fahidi Fort
Wooden Dhow near Al Fahidi Fort

Our time to return drew close and we returned to the river, took the next boat back and freshened up for the actual purpose of our trip; business.

Our meeting came to an end and we were driven to some hotel. I barely focused on the road and I noticed we had stopped only as the car door was pushed open and I had no idea where we were headed. The heat overwhelmed me and sweat ran along my spine under gravity’s pull, causing my shirt to cling to my body. We descended into the cool bar situated at the base of some mysterious hotel.

Bar beneath the mysterious hotel

The bar had a very rustic yet elegant feeling to it. We sat down and ordered a round of beers. One round led to a second possibly a third but I was too focused on the details of the bar. After our drinks we headed to the Dubai Fountains for dinner.

Headed for Abd El Wahab

We had a table booked at the Abd El Wahab overlooking the Dubai Fountains. Despite having seen the fountains the night before, I welcomed another magnificent show. With Lebanese inspired dishes and surroundings, it truly was a treat for the senses. The food is wonderful and very different from what I had expected. Music swam through the humid Arabian air and the fountains started yet another intricate dance.

With our appetites satisfied and most of the daylight stolen by the warm Arabian night, we make our way to the hotel.

My feet ached and my tired eyes longed for a long night’s sleep. I undressed, climbed into bed and quickly drifting off to a deep slumber.


I hope you enjoyed this piece! It was left half-written for a long time but I finally finished it. My tales of Dubai are close to an end so stay up to date and remember to subscribe!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good day! Some of the sites you visited look lovely, nice to see a different side to Dubai (more than the skyscrapers) Still I think it may be too hot for me haha

    1. The heat and humidity is intense! I would suggest going during their ‘winter’ period. It was a unique experience. Thanks for reading.

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