Off we go to Dingle

Dingle street

It was still dark when we left Cork. The queue waiting for the bus that would take us to Tralee was rather long. We were both still sleepy and decided to buy something warm to drink. The bus would take us to Tralee and then another bus would take us to Dingle. This will be the furthest we had traveled by bus.

The bus pulled into the station and everyone scurried to get their bags loaded and to get a seat of their choice. By then my sister and I had spent a bit too much time together and we sat a distance from each other; just to centre ourselves again.

The bus passed through Killarney again and I thought back to our day spent there. The rest of the way to Tralee I spent staring out the winding, relishing the misty weather.

Coffee in Tralee

In Tralee we climbed off the bus and would then wait for the bus to Dingle. I almost forgot to fetch my bag and luckily my sister mentioned this. The overcast sky had brightened and we could see Tralee in the daylight. It was not even 15 minutes when the bus arrived.

We departed Tralee and embarked on one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. We ascended a steep road until we were far above the ocean. The road seemed to curve along the very tops of the mountain range. The clouds licked at the highest peaks, occasionally spreading to the road. The views were spectacular! At one stage the ocean could be seen on both sides of the bus, but only for a brief second before we started descending again.

I will remember the journey to Dingle with great fondness and would recommend it to any traveler considering of going to Dingle.

Haigh Dingle!

Dingle street

Upon arriving in Dingle, we immediately set off to find our hostel. I had booked us to stay at Muiris Dan’s and we would be staying above the bar. I was a bit skeptical at first but I was still looking to the experience. As we approached I saw there were some road works going on. The construction workers were so friendly and were more than willing to stop their entire process to let us pass. We had to go through the store next door in order to get into the hostel. My sister was a nervous wreck after this ordeal; I found it wonderful and marveled at how helpful the people were to each other and to foreigners.

The rooms were amazing. I was thoroughly impressed with how clean and organized the rooms were. While my sister was checking out the barman that had helped us, I noticed the decor in the bar. With a struggle, and some force, we managed to ascend the staircase with our enormous bags. I was starting to doubt whether all these clothes were necessary. We freshened up and headed out to explore Dingle.

The wind tugged at our bodies and a fine mist coated our clothes. We strolled along the coast, enjoying the cold gusts of wind.

Dingle harbor
Dingle harbor

We walked along the shore until we arrived at a small bridge that crossed over to another part of Dingle but decided to turn back.

Dingle bridge

Along the way a fierce hunger had awakened in me and I was in desperate need of something to eat. As we strolled down Main street, I searched for a place to eat. I stumbled upon a small cafe by the name of Deirdre’s Cafe (it seems they do not have a website, so I’ve added the TripAdvisor link). I had a steaming plate of lasagna with a cappuccino and my sister had a hot chocolate. The food was very satisfying and the people were very friendly.

After a late lunch we made our to the hostel, which was right down the street, and decided to have an early night.

Things to do

  • Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium – you will likely walk past the aquarium in Dingle. I’ve heard it is an interesting place to see, especially if you have children.
  • See Fungie the dolphin – you will see the dolphin statue next to the tourist office. There are numerous boat tours that give you an opportunity to see Fungie.
  • Take a walk – a french girl I met said she simply walked for about 20 minutes out of Dingle and sat on the side of the road, with her music playing loud, and enjoyed the view. Dingle really is beautiful.
  • Blasket Island – there are boats that go to the island but check up on the current state of things. When I considered buying a pass for the boat there were some issues going on with the various boat services.
  • Consider hiring a car – there are so many interesting places to see around Dingle and many are much easier to access by car.

I’m sure there is much more to do but these are the main things I picked up on.

Thing to Remember

  • Cash – carry some coins and notes with you as many places do not work with cards at all.
  • Warm clothes – it was not unbearable but rather keep a jacket at hand than suffer the cold and the risk of getting sick.

Dingle was an amazing experience and there is much to do, especially during the peak times of the year.

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