A Ride on the Dubai Metro

My grip tightens as the train departs from yet another stop. We decide to get off as close to the Burj Khalifa as possible. Walking to the Burj seemed like a good idea at the time. As we exit the station, heat welcomes us back into its warm embrace.

I see the Burj Khalifa in the distance, standing tall and proud like an altar to the desert gods. We start our long walk to the Burj, passing a few beautiful buildings and streets along the way.

Beautiful Building
Beautiful Street

Entering the Dubai Mall

We finally arrive at the Burj Khalifa but don’t see an entrance anywhere. Hot and exhausted, we decide to stroll through the air-conditioned corridors of the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is impressive! Brands unknown to me line the corridors. We walk and walk and walk but there seems to be no end. A sign directs us to the tourist entrance of the Burj Khalifa.

I stand in the queue to ask about the tickets, determined to see the very top of the Burj Khalifa. The ticket prices start at 500 AED, about 1750 ZAR or 136 USD.  The tickets are a bit pricey but the tickets can be much less if booked beforehand and during certain times of the year; do we opt for lunch instead.

After lunch we stroll around some more, taking in as much as possible before heading back to the Dubai Metro.

Origami Decor

Onward to the Dubai Marina

Instead of the long walk back, we decide to use the tunnel that leads back to the Dubai Metro station. The many conveyor belts make it a pleasant, and quick, walk to the station. Our next stop; the Dubai Marina.

We stop at the station and follow another conveyor tunnel, ending up close enough to the Dubai Marina.

Approaching the Dubai Marina
Visit to Dubai Marina

Yachts and motorboats drift on the water. Towering buildings cast long shadows across the water. The Dubai Marina is absolutely wonderful!

We walk along the water edge, taking photos along the way. The further we walk the more beautiful it all becomes. My mind struggles to comprehend how much is going on. It is well worth the trip!

Dubai Marina

We stop for some ice cream, relax at a table and simply enjoy the scenery. I am utterly captured in the moment. Music dances in the air, boats glide on the water and ice cream melts on my tongue; this must be some version of heaven.


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