We headed back to Dublin early the next day. The main part of our trip had ended and we would spend the last two days in Dublin, buying souvenirs and taking our time to enjoy Ireland.

We booked into the Times Hostel. My nerves spiked because I felt like I was betraying the previous place but it ended up being a great place. Our room was spacious, it was close to new and interesting places.

We suddenly decided to go to Tayto Park for the day. It was excited to go to an Ireland amusement park for the first time. I had no idea what to expect, especially because of the weather. We took a bus from Busaras and waited. The bus seemed to drive to some unknown place and at one stage I became rather nervous as we took a turn onto a very small, and very quiet, road. It was a day well spent. Tayto Park is much smaller than expected but it is a great place to visit when you are in Ireland. The entrance is about 30 Euro and then you have an all day wrist band. The food is not definitely not the cheapest but this was expected. If you consider having lunch, make sure to get to The Lodge Restaurant early because once the crowds rush in, it becomes crazy. My sister and I went on the Cu Chulainn coaster four times, alternating between sitting in front and at the back. It was an absolute rush! We wrapped up our day of adrenaline and caught the bus back to Dublin; back home.

We wandered around Dublin for the last few days. We had breakfast in interesting cafes and dinner in odd restaurants. On our last night, I bought us each a Guinness. My sister took one sip and pulled her face, passing the beer to me. By then I had drunk about eight or nine Guinness in our trip and this would only add two more to the list; and I am not a beer person at all. Instead I bought us each two shooters and so we ended our last night. We strolled back to the hostel, enjoying our last night in wonderful Dublin, and had an early night.

The next morning we packed our bags and took a taxi to the airport. As I walked onto the airplane a feeling of something close to dread filled my heart as I knew I would be heading back home. I immediately started missing Ireland and I had not even left yet.

So ends my series on our Ireland trip. Our two weeks in Ireland was an amazing experience! As I sat on the airplane, I already started thinking of my next trip.

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