First Day in Dublin

Hello Dublin!

It was my first day in Dublin and I stood on the O’Donovan Rossa bridge and the only thought that occurred to me was “I am in Ireland!”

After months of saving, and a few unexpected speed bumps, I had finally stepped foot onto the Emerald Isle. My wanderlust ignited and the warmth filled my body, soul and mind.

First Photo in Dublin, Ireland
Four Courts seen from O’Donovan Rossa bridge in Dublin, Ireland

I arrived at Dublin Airport on the 15th of February, at about 11:50. I made my way to Dublin city center using the Airlink bus. Excitement and nervousness churned in my heart as we approached my stop. I had no idea where I was, I only knew that I had to find the Four Courts building. My hostel would be on the opposite side of the river; the Four Courts hostel.

I dropped my bag and set off to explore this new city!

Exploring Dublin for the First Time!

A View of the Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral from the wrong side of the fence

The first building I encountered was the Christ Church Cathedral. I probably stood for a good 15 minutes staring at this building, marveling at its beauty.

Across from the cathedral is Dublinia: The Viking Museum. In the days following, I wandered into the museum and travelled back in time to the life of the vikings that settled in Ireland in the 8th century.

At the hostel I meet people from all over the world. They quickly become close friends. They showed me the ins and the outs of Dublin and, without realizing it, they show me the ways of the traveler. Without their valuable tips I would have been lost and penniless.

In the days that followed I saw Dublin bit by bit, and slowly but surely I became part of the city; I became a Dubliner.

First time at Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Interesting art on the buildings in Dublin
Colourful buildings in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin At Night

I had my first pint of Guinness at The Brazen Head! The atmosphere was warm and cozy and the people even more so. I now see why the Irish are famous for their bars.

A Quick stop at the Brazen Head bar
Outside The Brazen Head

I strolled through Temple Bar regularly. The cobblestone roads and the colorful bars amaze me every time!

First time seeing Temple Bar
The Temple Bar from the outside
Super busy Temple Bar
A busy night at The Temple Bar

I popped into The Temple Bar for a pint but as I arrived I saw people flowing through the doorway, into the bar. The bar is crowded and I was barely able to squeeze into the bar, confronted by hordes of people. Instead I decide to  go for a walk.

Dublin Hall
Custom House

My week in Dublin drew to and end the idea of leaving saddened me, but the thought of seeing some of the other places in Ireland tugged at my soul. I gathered my belongings, booked out and stepped onto a bus departing for Galway.

Things to remember when visiting Dublin again

  • Pack a very thick jacket. Wearing multiple layers did not work at all for me.
  • In need of groceries? Check out Lidl or Aldi. They are inexpensive and easy to find.
  • Check out some of the parks. St Stephens Green is absolutely beautiful.
  • Try some walking tours at Hostel Culture. They have a variety of tours for all budgets.
  • I used the HostelWorld app to book all my accommodation. It was quick and very easy.

Things to do when in Dublin again

  • Guinness Storehouse is something to see. It’s a typical tourist thing to do but I would still give it a try.
  • Phoenix Park is a park outside of the city cemter and many people encounter deer during their morning jog.
  • If your interested in the world of plants, give the National Botanical Gardens a try. I hear it is worth the effort.
  • The Book of Kells is something that may interest you.
  • George’s Street arcade was quite perculiar. Filled with second-hand clothes and antique jewelry; there is bound to be some oddities there.
  • Take a walk up O’Connell street and check out the Spire. This street is buzzing with people and there is always something to see and to do.

So concludes my story of my first day in Dublin. I will be returning very soon to explore more of this wonderful city. Check out my second visit to Dublin.

Dublin will forever hold a piece of my heart.

How was your first experience of Dublin?

Let me know in the comments below!

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