First Time in Thailand

So this is my first time in Thailand and it is amazing… and hot!

Amazing Thailand

After months of planning for Thailand, it feels like a relief to say I’m in Thailand. I’m was sitting in the bungalow we had spent two nights in with reggae music playing in the background and I was munching on some cashew nuts; relaxation at it’s best. We were close to Ao Nang beach then but now we are back in busy Bangkok.

We, my mother and I, have been in Thailand for twelve days and it has been an amazing adventure! Despite having seen so much, we have barely scratched the surface of vibrant Thailand.

Leaving for Bangkok

We left Johannesburg late Thursday evening, 5th April 2018, catching the 22:20 plane to Dubai and then to Bangkok. The flight wasn’t too bad but as we landed in Dubai we were rushed to our next gate and we just arrived at the gate as they made the final boarding call. We were cutting it close!

Leaving Dubai


The flight from Dubai to Bangkok was much shorter than I had originally thought and we arrived just before 19:00.

Flying over Bangkok

The airport wasn’t nearly as busy as I thought it would be, we passed through immigration and collected our bags and headed for the Bangkok Aiport Link.

In Bangkok Airport

The train linked into the Bangkok MRT which we used to get closer to where we would be staying.

Getting Lost and Finding Home

As we climbed the many steps at the MRT Lumphini station, we landed on a busy Bangkok street. Slightly overwhelmed, we turned left and start walking. Within a block or two, I realized we are not heading in the right direction and turned around. We headed back to the station and the other way, determined to get there as quickly as possible.

Losing My Wheels!

We finally spotted a building we recognised from our Google Maps research and kept on going, happy to have found our way.

A scraping sound followed me and I stopped to have a look. I discovered two of my four wheels had broken off and are nowhere to be found. To make the situation worse another wheel eventually broke clean off and I am left with only one wheel on my huge bag, leaving me no option but to carry it the rest of the way.

Drenched in Sweat and our AirBnB apartment

As we turned into the street of our AirBnB apartment, the sweat ran down my body in tiny streams! Our first night was humid and hot! We made our way up to our apartment and all I wanted to do was run for the shower.

For dinner we each had a tiny box of cereal and sat under the aircon, hoping to cool down. As I drifted off to sleep, rain started pattering outside and I realized once again, I am in Thailand!



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Thailand is an amazing country with a ridiculous amount of things to do! I am so happy to be here to be able to experience Thailand first-hand.

Have you been to Thailand?

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