Dar es Salaam

As I walk into the office I hear someone call my name. I need to recite my details and the plane tickets are booked; I’m headed for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

First Visit To Tanzania

The trip will be for business and I will probably be busy most of the time but I am looking forward to experience and East African country.

I have heard some interesting tales of Dar es Salaam and I am slightly nervous. Despite unnecessary fears I am still excited about the opportunity.

Departure and Arrival

I am departing at 10:20 a.m on the 24th of October (which is hopefully today if my post goes out as planned). A business colleague and I will be staying at the Slipway Hotel in Dar es Salaam and will then leaving on the 26th of October, at around 2:45 p.m.

My Fear of Injections

A few weeks ago I actually went for a few injections, 4 in total and including the yellow fever injection. Now needles are not a problem but the idea of a needle piercing the layers of skin and pushing a strange fluid into my body seriously freaks me out. I was okay for about five minutes but then the swaying started and I felt like passing out. It was a terrible experience but quite comedic to my sister. A few minutes later I felt much better and off we went, headed for home.

Check out the post on my first day in Dar es Salaam.

When last did you do a last minute booking for a flight and how do you feel about injections?

Let me know in the comments!

Check in with me in a few days and hopefully I will be revealing more about my Tanzania adventure.

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  1. I might be going here next year, as part of my studies! Looking forward to hear all about your trip! 🙂

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