Fun Things To Do In Mpumalanga

The heels of my feet hang over the edge, over the emptiness. My heart is pounding as the adrenaline rush takes control and thoughts race through my mind. With my knees bent, I shift my weight backwards and weightlessness takes over; I am falling. So what are some of the fun things to do in Mpumalanga?

Breakfast Time

We were up rather early and had a lot to do! Our bags were packed, cameras charged and excitement bubbling as we set off. Today we would be exploring and trying out some of the fun things to do in Mpumalanga!

Breakfast would be the first order of the day and we drive into Graskop, in search of a place to satisfy my pancake cravings. It seems pancakes were prepared in quite a lot of places in Graskop, so who am I to deny!

We find an place, settle down and place our orders. Across the street I spot a silk shop and we decide to pop in and check it out.

Silk shop in Graskop
An interesting silk shop in Graskop

My eyes were flooded with colours from all side. I glided my hand over fine silks, read some of the history behind silk in Mpumalanga and left the small shop amazed.

After the silk shop, we strolled through the African store next door and glanced through the interesting, and colourful, figurines and wooden artwork.

Exploring the African store
Inside the African store

Some Adrenaline

An adrenaline rush seemed like the order of the day so we headed over to the Graskop Big Swing. My sister and I would be the only two to attempt the Graskop Big Swing and the nerves quickly settled in!

We were strapped into two harnesses, tied and locked into the rather heavy cable ran hung halfway into the gorge and one by one we were edged closer to the edge. I would be the first to take the fall! The instructor quickly explained the process, turned me around so that my back faced the gorge and guided me to the edge. With my heels hanging over the edge, I bend my knees and fall backwards.

Air rushes past me as I free fall for a few moments! The cable pulls tight and starts pulling me to the one side and I start swinging. Green forest spreads below me as I hang in the Graskop gorge and then finally lowered to the platform. During this entire experience, I record the free fall and the amazing view only to find out my action camera died seconds before I went over the edge.

Path into the forest
A path through the forest to get back to the top

A Drive to Pilgrim’s Rest

After a great start to our second day, we are on the road again, headed for Pilgrim’s Rest.

Green scenery on the road
On the road again

The drive was scenic with gorgeous views along the winding road. Mist dressed the mountains and a chilly wind crept into the car.

Pilgrim's Rest Mountains with Mist
Misty Mountains Headed for Pilgrim’s Rest

The drive along would have made the day. Upon arriving at Pilgrim’s Rest, we discovered the majority of the shops were still closed so we turned around and decided to go to Hazyview.

White River Rafting Near Hazyview

Determined to find something new and exciting to do, we decide on a white river rafting experience, pay and make our way to the preparation site. About 30 minutes later, we sit in the Sabie river and start rowing!

We tumble back and forth, hitting large rocks and almost capsizing a few times, but we make our way along the Sabie river. By the end of this adventure our arms were tired and our bellies empty, screaming for food!

Sudwala Caves and The Butterfly Garden

We made our way to the Sudwala Caves but didn’t actually go into the caves, instead we enjoyed the Dinosaur Park and I explored some of the Butterfly Garden, only a short drive from the caves.

At the Butterfly Garden I discovered what seemed like a nursery and a labyrinth tucked away on the far side of the big garden outside.

The Butterfly Garden explored
The secret garden at The Butterfly Garden

A Beer and A Braai

Typically South African, we bought some meat and some beer and enjoyed a braai back at our home in Graskop. It was a busy day and we were all exhausted.

Things To Remember

  • There is a lot that can be booked from Hazyview, such as white river rafting, quad bike tours and more. Just be sure to check what time you need to be there and how far you need to drive.
  • Have your camera ready and be willing to stop next to the road to capture a few beautiful sites.
  • Plan your trip ahead of schedule, this way you can see and do more in less time.

Check out our first day in Graskop where you can find even more fun things to do in Mpumalanga.

When was the last time you spent a weekend exploring a new place?

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