How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger that’s been writing for more than a year, there are days when you have NO IDEA what to write about. So as a way to crush my blogger’s block, I decided to do a post on how to come up with blog post ideas.

Pray to the Blog Gods

Fall on your knees and pray! A sacrifice may suffice and remember to add the essence of madness, some elbow grease squeezed from an elderly gentleman and the blood of a v…. vampire?

Let’s not elaborate too much! I honestly don’t always know what to write about so I speak to the universe, the walls in my room or the Blog Gods.

On the rare occasion they imbue me with a rush of blog post ideas and I scramble to catch them all in metaphorical cages, aka sticky notes, to use later on. Usually they laugh and laugh, amused by my desperate pleas, leaving me to fend for myself.

Traffic, Poop and Work

So when all of my sticky-note-cages are empty and all ideas have been used, I sit at my desk, uncertain of what to write; so I just start typing. I type and type until I find something worth elaborating on and just go with it.

By just writing, you allow your blogger-juice to run free and an idea will eventually come to life!

Sometimes I may even be sitting in traffic, on the toilet or busy with work and an idea will flutter past. It tantalizes my mind but more often that not I don’t have any sticky-note-cages and it escapes my grasp. This is how it goes, ideas come and go, each with a mind of their own.

From how-to posts, entertainment to advice, there are so many choices in blog post ideas.

So What Is The Solution?

So back to the original question; how to come up with blog post ideas? I can’t tell you because I don’t know…

The origin of ideas remain a mystery and I don’t know who they decide to grace with their presence, I just know they do. I also know that we need to take care of them. Watch your ideas grow and develop, but to let them go once fully grown.

So next time you come across the terrifying blogger’s block, just keep writing, sit in traffic or go to the bathroom; you never know what may flutter past.

I draw inspiration from everyday life because I see so much significance in what we do and say. My posts vary from random events in my life, such as a stranger in my car, to more planned events, such as travelling and my Thailand plans.

How do you come up with blog post ideas?

Let me know in the comments below.

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