One month to go!!


So the plan tickets have already been finalized and we just need to book our seats 48 hours before departure.

I have bought some extra clothes, including a pair of thermal underwear, for the cold. In South Africa we are currently experiencing a heat wave and I am quite sure I am dying from heat exhaustion. We will be leaving the hot South African summer for the wet Irish winter, and I can’t wait! My sister finally agreed to get some thermal underwear; she is underestimating how could it can get in Ireland.

I am working on our finances and I am making sure we have enough money to living comfortable, but not lavishly, during our 2 weeks in Ireland.

I may have to buy a memory card for my camera; still deciding though. So I have to budget for a bit extra in case we need to buy something extra.

I will be keeping you updated on my plans as I go along.


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