Only a week left! Time truly flew by. It was only yesterday that I decided to take my sister on this trip and now it is upon us.


So the planning has been keeping me busy. Between booking accommodation, comparing bus pass prices and my everyday responsibilities, I’ve barely had time to sit down and write.

My sister will be finishing her final exams on the 28th of November and then she will be finished with high school. I, on the other hand, finished my exams on the 31st of October and finished the first year of my part-time studies.

During the planning I started a travel journal where I document most of the things I need to remember, things to do, things to try and our thoughts. My sister wasn’t keen on writing down all her thoughts but I see once she starts, it flows.


I have finished packing my bag and I am quite impressed with the amount of clothes packed. I worried about exceeding my 30 kg limit but I rocked it by barely weighing in at 13 kg. I have enough pants for a week, shirts for 2 weeks, underpants for 2 weeks, about 3 jerseys, 2 extra jackets, my towel, a few toiletries and an additional pair of shoes.


With my bags packed, all I need to do is make a final stop at the bank, which I will be doing this weekend, to finalize some things and we will be off. This coming week will be an exciting one as both my sister and I start to realize how close the trip really is.

I hope to take many photos, meet more amazing people and post as often as I can!

Stay tuned as I take my sister on a trip I hope she never forgets!

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