A day of music in the sun

An Early Start

AC-DC’s Thunderstruck pierces the silence as my alarm goes off. I would honestly prefer to snooze my alarm and go back to bed but I reluctantly get up. Within an hour we depart for Johannesburg.

I press down on the brake as the entrance approaches and suddenly we are on a dirt road. The dirt road zig-zags and finally we are guided to a parking. Dust settles on my car and the sun breaks through, spreading its heat across the area.

We stand in the queue for an hour or so and we finally enter. People rush in and try to get a place to sit as close as to the stage as possible.

People start streaming in

The stage grows as we approach and soon the stage looms over us. We are officially at Joburg Day!

Headed for the stage

Umbrellas and blankets starts sprouting up as more and more people fill the area. We are lucky enough to have a seat very close to the stage.

Airplane coming in to land

The airport is barely 10 minutes from where Joburg Day will be happening and many airplanes flow over us to land.

The show is due to start at 10:00 and excitement starts bubbling up but first we get some food.

Sushi Bus

We stumble upon a few interesting places as we wonder through the food stalls.

Finally the music starts and people rush to the stage. The music comes in phases and plays well into the night. The smell of smoke, marijuana and dust drifts through the crowd and we all pulsate to the beat of the music.

It was an amazing days of music. The show comes to an end and hordes of people rush back to their cars. I walk ahead of our group, headed for the car. Suddenly an elderly man bumps into me turn and asks “Are you looking for a fight?!”. My diplomatic nature immediately steps in and I make peace and turn to walk away. I reach for my phone but I find nothing in my pocket. Dread fills me and I frantically search my other pockets and my backpack for my phone but it is nowhere to be found; I was pick-pocketed. I return to the spot where the man bumped into me but he is gone. I run around searching through the people for this man that has taken my phone, but he is gone. Realizing that it is too late now, I return to the car and we set off back home.

I had taken many photos and videos while standing in the crowd and of the artists performing but it is all gone now. I was able to post a few photos on Instagram, so feel free to have a look at that.

Despite this terrible experience, the day was well spent.

Have you been pick-pocketed?

Tell me about you experience.


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