It was still early morning when my sister and I headed for the bus station. Today we were headed for Killarney to see what there is to see. We had hoped to  catch the very first bus departing for Killarney but ended up missing it.

The bus ride to Killarney was beautiful. There was much to see and to take in. We arrived in Killarney at about twelve.

Church in Killarney

As we exited the bus terminal, we a few wonderful buildings. I had not been to Killarney previously and wasn’t at all sure what to see or where to go. Some research suggested that Ross Castle would be something worth seeing.

We followed the streets signs and, after about 30 minutes of walk, we finally arrived at the castle.

Ross Castle

I checked my wallet and saw I had about 19 Euro left. We decided not to go into the castle but enjoyed the surrounding scenery.

Scenery around Ross Castle
Scenery from castle grounds

By then it had started raining and the road back to town felt much longer. I noticed a few horse carriages standing around. I asked how much the trip would be back to town and the man said 20 Euro. My heart sunk and I checked my wallet again for some hidden coins. My sister was able to scratch together a few cents, but it still wasn’t enough! The driver then agreed to take us anyway for 19 Euro. I was so grateful!

View from the carriage

We saw some beautiful places along the way.

On the way to Killarney

The ride was worth the money spent. We arrived in Killarney much quicker this time and wandered through the streets. Many of the places were closed and would only be open later during the day. We stopped for lunch and decided to head back to Cork.

Our day to Killarney was short but enjoyable. I think we were both tired from the previous day’s walking and the non-stop mini adventures.

We had a bit to eat in Cork and had an early night.

Things to remember

  • Remember to carry some cash, and enough, for instances like the horse carriage
  • Many shops open much later, such as the cinema.
  • I saw a shop that seemed to have a Lord of the Rings theme! Unfortunately I was sitting on the bus when I saw this.

Killarney was an interesting place and very quiet. I would probably not stay for more than 3 days confined only to the town center. There are interesting things a short distance from the town but will require some travel.

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  1. It looks beautiful there, even in the rain! Glad your carriage driver gave you a little deal and you could ride.

    1. Thanks! I was so worried that we could not get back to town.

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