Last Day at Home

Today was my last day at home. Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane headed for Bangkok, well first Dubai then Bangkok. The usual vibrating sound of my fan echoes in my slightly emptier room and nostalgia settles in.

A New Adventure

Despite my earlier anxiety about travelling, I no longer feel the anxiety but a feeling of expectation and excitement. My eyes are dry now and I feel slightly irritated but underneath I am as giddy as a child on Christmas morning.

I recently said that I have a big announcement and it will be coming up in the next post, but I will be doing the next post from Bangkok or some island with hopefully good wifi. Be sure to stay tuned for the next post…

Back to my point, this trip is going to be a start to a glorious new adventure with many opportunities and possibilities. I want to see and experience as much of Thailand as possible! My itchy feet itch even more with the thought that I will finally be travelling again and I will be on a plane tomorrow. The wanderlust in my soul is both at peace and restless for the next big trip in my life. It honestly feels like a VERY long time since my last big trip and it wasn’t even that long ago; time is a strange thing.

Plans For Thailand

To think that no so long ago, this trip was still only an idea. It was still in the planning phase and we weren’t even sure where to go and what to do. Now we still don’t have a definite plan but we are excited, nervous and wishing for a great time in Thailand.

So with that, I conclude what will be the last post from South Africa in a while. Next time you will be reading any of my posts, I will be sitting in Thailand, enjoying a change of scenery.

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