Making choices is part of being human, whether we make good choices or bad choices.

Life and Making Choices

After some interesting news on an online opportunity I was considering and a movie I watched, choices seemed to be the main theme of both.

We go through our days making subconscious choices and we aren’t too bothered by the outcome, but that’s until the big choices cross your path. The choices that will drastically alter your life’s path, the big stuff. That’s when I usually just want to roll up in a blanket and wait it out, hoping it will disappear. Unfortunately like all big things in life, you need to take action and make things happen.

I am a notorious over-thinker and I tend to over-analyze many situation. My overactive imagination has also played its part in influencing my life’s path. Now I sit at an impasse, having to decide which way to go. Though I may not reveal the choice that lays ahead, but be certain that it is of epic proportions.

Head vs Heart

Advice on making decisions can be found almost everywhere but it does not seem to ease the tension that plagues your mind. Often the tension lies between a choice of our heart and of our head; emotional choice or logical choice. During my years as an engineering student, you are taught to look at facts and the logic behind situations; emotions are not considered. As a rather emotional person, I do often listen to my heart and follow it’s guidance on small choices. But when important choices stand before me, I am torn in two between what I refer to as my engineering side and my emotional side.

Each side of the scale wants to outweigh the other but end up almost leveling the scale, resulting in confusion and no choice being made. Which do I choose? Which side of the scale do I listen to? These are common questions though often they are phrased in other words.

Risk it all or play it safe? Heart or head? Left or right? Our choices define our lives and are always irreversible.

How do you look at making choices, important choices?

Let me know in the comments. I’m curious to hear how your thought process.

Thanks for reading!

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