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South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

I was working in Port Elizabeth when an event changed my way of thinking.

I was working as an electrician at the time. There was this guy that I worked with that constantly did private jobs. He would take his leave days to do private jobs. He sold cars and houses on the weekend and he grabbed every opportunity that he possibly could. I once asked him why he does all this and he said that he is working towards having a certain amount in his bank account and then he will be happy and he would be secure in his life. He worked non-stop!

Only a few months later my wife called me and informed me that this man had passed away. I was shocked to my core. He was attending a bike rally and someone lost control of their bike and drove right into him.

I thought of what he had told me only a few month before and I realized that all that money he had been saving up, all that time that he dedicated to gathering so much money was wasted and the money could not resurrect him from the dead. I realized that we need to live every single day and that we should not work towards gathering large sums of money. We need to live our lives and experience as much as we can, while we are able to do it all.

When you are old and sitting on your porch, sipping at your tea, you will only have the memories to sustain you and to keep you going. Money cannot buy time, youth or happiness. We need to appreciate it every single day and use our time on this earth to create memories.

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  1. A good reminder. I like to imagine I have a week to live and then think what’s important. It shifts a lot of stress and focuses on love of my close people.

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