My Return to Ireland

Will I return to Ireland?

Will I return to Ireland? I asked myself this question so many time and in short, yes!

This traces back to December of 2015.

At the time I had the idea in my head that I would be going to Ireland for 3 months and I would find a job, find a place to stay, marry someone. This seemed all good and well, in my mind.

During December of 2015, my family and I went to Sun City for the day. At Sun City there is a slide by the name of The Temple of Courage I am an adrenaline junkie by heart but my sister not so much. I struck a deal with my sister; go down this slide TWICE and I will buy her first plane ticket to Ireland. At first she was all for it but after the first time down the The Temple of Courage she began to reconsider, but she gathered her courage and she went the second time. I was honestly surprised she did it but I suspect she won’t be falling for this again.

So in February of 2016, I was in Ireland for only 2 weeks and had to return due to a mistaken case of tonsillitis. I was quite disappointed, and so was my sister. After all this I still had the yearning to return to Ireland and see more!

The Plan To Return

I started working and I had forgotten about our deal. About a month or 2 ago I was thinking about my sister and how she will be finishing high school this year. Now in South Africa we have something called a ‘matric holiday’ where when you finish high school you go on a holiday, usually with friends, and you basically celebrate the end of high school.

Now my parents are quire strict and considering that it is their daughter, they are even stricter than they were on me. I didn’t really have a matric holiday due to complications and I knew my sister would not get away with going on holiday with her friends; then the idea occurred… I would take my sister to Ireland for her matric holiday!

Most people who go on a matric holiday go to one of the popular towns in the coastal areas of South Africa and party the time away. My sister has never been on a plane, she has never been to Europe and this will be the first holiday where she is very, very, VERY far away from our parents.


So the plane tickets have been booked for the 29th of November, the day after she writes her last exam, and then we will be in Ireland for 2 weeks. I have already started with some planning and looking at new places to explore. As our departure date approaches I will start with my next Irish adventure. Finally I would return to Ireland and see more of this amazing country!

Thanks for all the views. I will be posting about some of the African countries I have been to and include some more information about South Africa. I hope you enjoy!

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Have you been to Ireland before? How many times?

Let me know in the comments below!

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