So 2018 has arrived along with an abundance of opportunities and a plan for a fresh future.

Time For Improvement and New Opportunities

The start of 2018 beacons an end to 2017 and also the end of this version of Grey’s Travels. With 2018 now officially started, Grey’s Travels will also be going into a new chapter.

After months of tweaking, I have finally finished the final touches to the new and improved Grey’s Travels.

So what’s new?

I’m glad you asked! Grey’s Travels has gone .africa, that’s right, you can now find Grey’s Travels on

I have also updated the theme and chose a theme that blends much better with the feeling I hope to create.

Designing of the logo has been on my to do list for the longest time and I finally sat down and finished it.

Logo for Grey's Travels
Grey’s Travels Logo

I drew inspiration from my travel tattoo that I decided on during my very time abroad. During my Ireland trip, I made the decision to make it a trip to remember and a tattoo seemed only fitting. Let me know what you think of the logo.

Grey’s Travels Fresh Future

My plans for Grey’s Travels has quickly grown to become much more than a year ago. I have made the decision to start creating content that is also more informative and that will provide you, as the reader, with tips and tricks that I use while traveling.

With so many areas of travel, I have decided to start focusing on a field that I have always felt strongly about; namely affordable travel but without skipping on the experiences!

You may ask what I would know about affordable travel and I asked myself the same question!

The  South African Rand (ZAR) is by far not one of the strongest currencies and in order to travel I have to save up much more that people earning dollars, pounds to euros. There are not nearly enough travelers from countries with a weaker currency.

I meet so many people that have these great dreams of travel but they believe it that only the rich can travel. So many of us stop our stop following dreams because they seem ridiculous or impossible. I want my travel blog to inspire, show and ultimately help the average person to travel the world, even if it is only once every five years.

Take a chance, fail, learn and try again! We must never stop chasing our dreams.

I am so excited to have you along on this wonderful adventure. Together we will see the world, one post at a time.

Just A Note

If you receive an email, please don’t be alarmed as I am transferring all my subscribers to the new and improved Grey’s Travels

I am eager to hear what you think of the new layout so please leave a comment, like and subscribe.

Leave a comment and let's get the ball rolling

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