Planning has never been my strong point but I realized that I had to plan to make sure this trip would be memorable, and that everything would go according to plan; more or less.

As South African citizens, we do not need a visa to enter Ireland but I still had to gather an array of documentation before they even allowed me onto the plane.


  • Passport
  • ID book (additional)
  • Proof of employment
  • Letter ensuring job after return from leave
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Bank Statement for last 3 months

I also made copies of all these documents and kept them in my luggage and carry on luggage. I took any extra documentation that I could think of just in case they asked for it. All my documents were neatly folded and labelled for ease of access.

In some cases, the airport officials want to see an itinerary and accommodation for the entire trip but I was able to explain that we will be travelling between towns for unknown periods.

They took copies of everything and went to their offices to request permission for us to enter Ireland. After about 45 minutes, and a whole bunch of nervous laughter, they gave the go ahead. We booked our bags in and headed for the departure terminal.

The good byes were quick and we passed through the security checks. My camera caused my bag to be pulled out numerous times.

We boarded the plane 15 minutes later and I anxiously watched my sister’s expression as she experienced her first take-off. 8 hours left to Dubai

Stop Over

Our stop over in Dubai was quick and we prepared for hour final 8 hours to Dublin. By then my sister was tired and I felt restless.


I will be telling you about the places we saw and the things we experienced, dropping whatever extra details I can remember.

Leave a comment and let's get the ball rolling

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