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Welcome to the part of Grey’s Travels where I attempt to sell you something; the products and services page!

As I stated on my About Me page, I am always looking for a way to fund my travels and to work towards travelling independently. I am a firm believer in only promoting and selling products and services that I really believe in and would buy myself.

I have been working with friends and acquaintances to bring you products and services that would benefit your travels and hopefully other parts of your life.


Travel Journal Series

  • Travel Journal

Are you tired of feeling unorganized on your trip? Do you wish you could have all the information in one place? Well today is your lucky day!

As a way to keep my travels organized, I decided to create the Travel Journal to help me along the way.

The Travel Journal is a way for you to keep track of everything from flight details, expenses, a place to keep your receipt and even space to capture your memories.

Be sure to check this space for the great reveal, and possibly a few free giveaways! Be sure to subscribe to make sure you receive the big announcement!

Travel Trackers

If tried many phone apps and usually they only end up using my battery. I have collaborated with a friend to supply you with trackers that will last.

At this stage there are two travel trackers available.

  • Small Travel Tracker – $159.95 (Unit And 1-Year Access To Portal)

This tracker is small and allows for tracking throughout a single day. When you get home simply plug it in to charge and you’re ready to do. This unit is perfect when you are going away a short period and will have access to charging facilities daily. The unit also allows you to insert your own sim card but you have to remember to load your own data. Alternatively I can facilitate the sim card installation and setup for you but this is done mainly on request, so please do not hesitate to contact me. Along with the small travel tracker, you will have access to an online portal where you can see where you’ve been and how far you’ve traveled.

Contact me for more information regarding this product.

  • Large Travel Tracker – $259.95 (Unit And 1-Year Access To Portal)

This tracker is more robust and the battery can last up to three days. This unit is perfect for those traveling off the beaten path into areas where charging facilities won’t always be available. 

Optional – For only $25.00 per month, a sim chip is installed that will include the roaming and data costs, relieving you of any stress when trying to manage the data and roaming. (This is only available with the Large Travel Travel)

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Contact me for more information regarding any of these products.



  • Writing

Writing is part of who I am and what I do. From ghostwriting to copywriting to story development, I can help you out. Be sure to send me an email with the project details and we can come to an agreement.

  • Excel & VBA

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here but my excel skills are quite advanced. I had generated operational report, financial report, written VBA, created upload templates used to import data such as assets, locations and budgets. Excel is my bread and butter! Pop me an email with what you would like me to do and we can come to an agreement.

  • Product Promotions

I am starting to do more product reviews and promotions on my YouTube channel and I will be incorporating it into my blog posts as well. So get in touch and let’s make magic happen together!

  • Destination And Travel Advice

Travel is such an important part of my life and I absolutely love planning trips, even if it isn’t for myself. Let’s connect and plan a trip that’ll blow your mind!

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