At age 13, I moved back to South Africa after having grown up in Botswana. I stayed with family for the first 6 month of high school while my parents sold the house and packed up. It was an interesting time and I learnt a lot about being independent. Before the move, I had only been in South Africa for holidays, and family visits, and most of our holidays were spent at the ocean.

Our ocean holidays were mostly spent in Margate with our days swimming and sleeping. Margate has since then become much busier.

Since moving back to South Africa, I have seen much more of South Africa than all my previous years. I will be revisiting old memories of places I have been to in South Africa. I may write a short piece or include a longer piece depending on the size of the town and how much I actually did in the town. These pieces are all from my point of view and may not portray the towns and cities in a neutral light, but I am known for my unbiased approach.

I hope you enjoy the pieces where I reveal the diversity that is South Africa!


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