So to start off I am slightly sad. One of my dearest friends has bought a one way ticket to Heathrow Airport and will be leaving in 2 days and I just found out! My dear friend is leaving to be with her one true love, and wife, in England. I hope only the best for her and I will miss her terribly!

During my last years in primary school, my father’s cousin invited us to come and spend Christmas at a resort he had built-in Mozambique. I can never remember the name of the place!

The resort was in Inhassoro; it’s about halfway into Mozambique. We left Gaborone and headed for Pretoria to pick up a few extra things for my aunt. From Pretoria we headed to the border, planning to quickly get our passports stamped and be on our way. This was not the case. From when we left Gaborone until we arrived in Inhassoro, we drove 31 hours. We stood for a few hours at the border after which the officials just opened the gates to let the cars through without checking any paperwork.

I am not sure where we were when we had a flat tire. We had the Christmas presents in the back and now the spare tire was under all the bags and presents. It was pitch black and my father started unpacking the luggage. Suddenly dark figures start emerging from the trees that grew close to the road. There were men and women and children. Some of the men were holding spears that extended far above their heads. Others held what seemed like clubs. My father, fearing for our safety, started working at full speed to get the tyre changed.

Bright lights through numerous shadows across the tar road and another car approached quickly. Our luck had not yet run out and the car pulled over. Two strong men quickly helped with the tire and they drove with us for a good 100 km to make sure we were okay. If not for the help to total strangers and am not sure what would have happened.

We arrived in Inhassoro in the early hours of the day. The humidity and the heat were intense but we were all so tired, especially my parents, and we quickly headed for bed. Mozambique was an amazing experience. The ocean was the temperature of a luke warm bath. The humidity was so intense, it was difficult to not tear of all your clothes. Beach bars dotted the coastline, just far enough from one another to allow you to sober up before arriving at the next bar. Seaweed floated close to the shore, causing numerous sea creatures to wander around your legs.

We went to what the locals called Paradise Island. A rather small island a short boat trip from where we stayed. There we snorkeling and enjoyed the scolding sun.

We ate sea food almost every night. I really enjoyed our Mozambican holiday. I would recommend anyone to take a trip to Mozambique if you are looking to relax and enjoy an almost tropical holiday. Mozambique is far from being a well established country but this adds to the entire vibe of the holiday.

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