The 12 of November was my mother’s birthday and it was decided that a day at Sun City, more specifically the Valley of the Waves, would be a day well spent.

Read more about how a friend and I sneak into the Sun City Palace

Sneaking Into the Sun City Palace

So it all started the night before.

Late Night Arrival and Early Morning Departure

The night before our Sun City adventure I had left my house at about 11 pm, headed to pick up my slightly intoxicated friend. I had arrange to take a friend with for our Sun City day and after a night out she called me and said she would not be able to drive. Determined, I climbed in my car and went to pick her up. Little did I know that she would lead me on an even bigger adventure. We got back at about 12 pm and had only 4 or 5 hours of sleep ahead.

The next morning my alarm announced the time to wake up but I was too tired to even think of getting up. I snoozed the alarm, turned over and fell asleep. Moments later my door burst open and my sister forced us to wake up, jumping on the bed insistently. With a moan, we roll out of bed and get ready. It was still very early when we departed for Sun City.

We have always been some of the first to arrive at Sun City and we always got some of the best seats at Valley of the Waves. On this day we were able to establish our temporary base on the left most island, securing the whole one section of it and making ourselves comfortable.

Water Slide Thrills

As was a tradition in our family, we made our way to the water slides and would start the day off with a rush of adrenaline. We paired up, grabbed a tube and climbed the stairs to the ride entrance.

We continued to attempt all of the other rides and our day was setup for success!

A Sneak Peek in the Palace

We climbed the stairs to the adult swimming pool and lounged around, taking in the relaxed vibes. A large wooden door defended the entrance to a mysterious area on the far side of the pool area. Our curiosity awakened and we peek through the wooden doors; a staircase, surrounded by forest, rises to some unknown destination. We slipped through the wooden door and wondered up the staircase, totally engulfed in the greenery.

At the top of the staircase a bridge leads to high arches but a guard-house blocked our way. We asked the guards a few questions about the palace and they reveal that the highest point of the palace is the King’s Tower. I could only imagine what a great view it must have but unfortunately we were not permitted to go any further and turned back.

We decided to wander along one of the paths that lead into the jungle. The path came to an end, forcing us to choose right, which leads down, or left, which leads to the palace. I urge us to take left, hoping to arrive at the palace through a hidden path.

Suddenly the outer rooms of the palace rise before us and we have stumbled into the palace gardens. We walk around to the reception area, continued around the building and find a way into the palace. Having finally identify the elevator, we pushed the button for the top floor, but not the King’s Tower. On the top floor we found an open staff entrance door and sneaked in, hoping to find a door that would lead to the King’s Tower.

To the King’s Tower

The stairs seemed to reach for the heavens until we finally see a sign that directed us to continue upwards. The stairs ended and we stepped into an open area; we’ve arrived! Another flight of stairs spiraled up to the very top of the King’s Tower and the view was incredible! Every corner of Sun City spread out below us. A calm silence settled over us as we simple strolled and looked out over the stunning landscape.

During this wonderful experience I did not have anything to take photos with and maybe that was how it was meant to be; I was meant to simply experience it.

We made our way back to the Valley of the Waves, in search of food and spent the remainder of the day relaxing in the water.

It was a great day at Sun City and I would definitely recommend travelers to spend a weekend there, or even just a day.

Things to Remember

  • Sun City is a resort and it is usually busy. There will be lots of people, local and foreign.
  • There is a lot to do at Sun City but often day visitors are only permitted in certain areas.
  • Prices for food and drink are above average, so keep this in mind when visiting.
  • There are many photos opportunities, so keep a camera of a phone ready.

This is one of many short trips I have been on recently and that I am busy writing. Most are of popular places and hopefully a few are of hidden gems.

Do you know of any interesting places off the beaten track? Well then I am eager to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. J’ai envie d aller travailler par ce que chez moi au Togo sa ne va pas

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. My french is a bit rusty but I am not too sure how you would go about finding a job at Sun City. A degree in hospitality would be advantageous but also make sure to check the visa requirements for your country.

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