Thailand Travel Plans

The one-month mark has come and gone, slow at first but quick to pass. #thailandtripcountdown

I have so much that I still need to do before I can pack my bags and just leave! So here is an update on the Thailand travel plans…

A Change in Plans

If you follow me on YouTube, you probably watched the video on the Thailand Trip Update and you would have heard about the change in the Thailand travel plans.

So instead of going for 3 weeks, I will be extending my trip to about 2 months. It’s a big change and I’ve had to think differently about packing and my money. Despite the big risk, I have big plans that I’ve started working on.

Going Digital

I am also considering of going into the digital nomad space. It has been a dream to get into the digital nomad space and to do my own thing for a long time. I have a variety of areas that I would like to focus on, such as YouTube, my blog, social media, freelancing jobs, affiliate marketing and creating my own products.

I have created a page that features some of the products and services that I promote or offer. Some of the products are things I would use and recommend and others are products of my own creation. To see more on this, click here.

Big Changes Ahead

There is another announcement that I have to make but I will be keeping it a secret for now, just know if is big! I have such big plans for this year and I really hope that everything will work out. Hard-work is always required and expected and this is definitely something I will be putting in. I’ve also cut back on a few things to accommodate this big change that is about to happen, check out that post here.

So thank you for reading and sticking with me!

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