In 2016 I was in Ireland for just more than a month.

At the end of 2015 I was retrenched and decided to take all my savings and go to Ireland in February 2016. Check out the posts I did from my first Ireland visit.

Dublin February 2016
Galway February 2016


Cliffs of Moher February 2016


This was my first overseas trip and the original plan was to go for 6 weeks, but I ended up only staying for 3 weeks and came back to South Africa. I was devastated and didn’t want to return. I found a job and most of 2016 I worked and saved up.

As 2016 drew to an end I decided, rather suddenly, to take another trip to Ireland but to take my sister with on her first overseas trip. It was an amazing trip and I can see the difference that it has made in my sister’s approach to life. Check out our adventures in Ireland during the December 2016 trip.

arriving in dublin
Dublin December 2016
Rock of Cashel and Blarney Castle December 2016
Cork December 2016


Kinsale December 2016


Killarney December 2016
Dingle December 2016


Galway December 2016
Cliffs of Moher December 2016


Inis Mor December 2016
leaving dublin
Dublin December 2016

Travelling has changed my life and my view of the world. I realized how much more there is to life than just the normal 8 to 5, or in my case 6 to 3, job. Even though I currently have an office job and my studies keep me very busy, I still pursue my great passion of travel and writing. Despondency becomes overwhelming after some time and the post-travel depression after a trip is horrible, but I would much rather experience the lows if it meant I could experience the intense highs of travel.

My time in Ireland has influenced my life and, with motivation, focus and determination, I will create a life wherein I can travel indefinitely.

Ireland has pieces of my heart and soul and will always be my very first. I experience occasional nostalgia and I long for the cold and wet weather but I quickly return to the present and this pushes me to see new places.

I hope you enjoyed the Ireland posts.

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