Andre Du Preez

Decade that you were born in



South Africa

An event, or moment, that has taken place that has influenced your life

An event that has influenced my life greatly was when I joined the army.

During the years when I grew up, it was compulsory for all young men to join the army for a certain number of years. I joined the army in 1984 and it changed my life.

I experienced a variety of events that influences my life even today. I can’t hear properly due to the loud sounds that I was exposed to. The bones in my feet are all mostly cracked and my knees barely keep me upright due to the many parachute jumps that I did. These all influence my life badly. There were times when I was scared and I feared for my life.

During this time I  experienced a few good moments as well. I felt proud to fight for my country and I felt proud to be an officer in the army.

My time at the army exposed me to the extremes of the human experiences. From the very worse to the very best; I experienced it all.

Even though this part of my life was eventful and I enjoyed it while I was experiencing all this, I would not want my son to experience it. You see things that haunt your dreams and you hear things that plague your thoughts.

We should be so grateful to live in a time where there is not as much war. War is a terrible thing and it ruins the people that are dragged into it.

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