Now that the posts have drawn to an end, I can now think back to the many things to do in Dubai.

Dubai really is a very interesting city and I would recommend it to anyone considering of buying that plane ticket.

Things To Do

  1. Wander around – The is so much to experience in Dubai. I noticed so many odd and wonderful things while just wandering through the streets. By wandering around I also stumbled into many of the souks that are often hidden. The Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai fountains and Deira district are all interesting places to see and explore.
  2. Shopping – There is something for everyone. The malls I went into were extravagant and I walked into many shops that I had never seen before. The souks contain a huge variety of local and imported items that are often sold as souvenirs. I saw many of the souks in the Deira district and spent some time in the Dubai mall and the Mall of the Emirates.
  3. Take the train – The Dubai Metro is a good way to get around. It runs through most of Dubai and by talking a short walk, most sites are accessible from the many Metro stations. I used the train to get to all the places I needed to be.
  4. Try the food – There is a variety of cultures that have taken root in Dubai but the Arabic feeling is still very prevalent. The food is worth trying and it is much better than I had previously thought.

Even though I do not highlight all of the amazing things to do in Dubai, there really is a lot to do. Dubai is constantly changing and there will only be more and more to do and see as time progresses.

Important Things To Remember

  1. The locals are king – Do not look for trouble with the locals. If you do decide to get into the bad books of the locals you will most probably come second. I have heard a few stories that shocked me to the core.
  2. No LGBTQ+ – The gay community is not accepted in Dubai.
  3. Keeping Kissing Private – Public displays of affection can lead to a lot of trouble. Keep all displays of affection to a minimum until you are in your hotel room. There have been cases where an unmarried couple got into some serious trouble after having kissed in public and then also shared a room at the hotel.
  4. No Alcohol – Getting caught with alcohol could lead to imprisonment. Alcohol is not allowed to be sold in most of Dubai. The only place where drinks are allowed are at the hotels, and possibly a few dodgy areas. Getting caught driving after having a few drinks, or even just one, will definitely land you into trouble.
  5. Drink Water – The heat and humidity is intense and cold water is a pleasant relief.

If you do not look for trouble then the locals will not bother to cause trouble but always be considerate of the local cultures. These are just a few warnings I picked up from expats that had been living in Dubai for a long time.

This is purely my experience and things that I’ve picked up and heard of.

Also have a look at my previous posts on my adventures in Dubai.

Are there any hidden places in Dubai that you know of? Leave a comment and tell me more.


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