Before my very first trip, I was apprehensive about whether I would be able to go through with it. So where did I search for travel inspiration? YouTube, naturally!

Travel Inspiration

To start of 2018, I thought it only fitting to show some gratitude to the people that have inspired, motivated and pushed me to travel more and to see the world.

Time to get all touchy-feely and indulge in sentiment, below are all the sources my inspiration to travel more.


At the very start I stumbled upon two videos that really motivated me to push through my fears of the unknown.

Quit My Job To Travel The World (One Second Every Day) by The Life of Jord

This was the video that started it all, it inspired me to push through my fears. I had just been retrenched and had decided to go to Ireland to see a part of the world.  Along with the great song choice, I regularly watch this video to feel inspired. This video is where the travel inspiration started and never ended.

The Life of Jord had been a YouTube channel that I regularly go back to to check up on the latest videos. Check out his website here. So Jordan, if you were ever to read this, thanks for your great videos and motivating me to do more.

3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes (Lessons and Adventures) by High on Life

This video has also inspired me to take control of my life and work towards my dreams. High on Life has such great content and such a wide variety of videos, if you leave uninspired you’re probably a zombie.

I have watched this video so many times but I still get chills and the message is rings true. Travel inspiration? Check!


I watched one of their Ireland series just before my first solo Ireland trip and it made me feel at ease know more or less what to expect. There is no specific video that gave me goosebumps but all their videos are great and are still inspirational!


I have watched so many of Aly’s videos and often more than once. As with Vagabrothers, there is no one video that really gave me the chills and the urge to act but if I needed travel advice, PsychoTraveller is where I go.


Movies and Books

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Both the movie and the book were a great source of inspiration. Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey really resonated with me. At times when I was feel down and out, I would watch this movie and feel better than ever.

I would definitely recommend the book but if you want a summarized version, the movie will also do.

Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith

This book was the very first Wilbur Smith book I had read and it was exceptional. Most of the story evolves around Africa and even parts of South Africa that I had seen and this really made my feet itch and yearn to travel more.

[Just a note – I have registered as an Amazon Affiliate and if any of the items, i.e Eat, Pray, Love and Birds of Prey, are bought, I get a small commission.]


Now this is a rather personal section but still worth putting in.

Jacqueline Louw

One of my dearest friends, Jacqueline Louw has seen so much of the world and she has really inspired and motivated me to travel more. I recently saw after after her brief visit in South Africa and we always have so much to catch up on, specifically about travel.

Brenda Thompson

An elderly lady I had once worked with, and now a dear friend, motivated and pushed me to do so much more with my life. She networked with the many international friends, told me tantalizing stories of her travels and inspired me to travel more. She really is a one of a kind lady.

Roy Fourie

A previous boss and now friend, Roy also told me many stories of his travels, specifically Dubai. I was so eager to see Dubai and compare it to what I had imagined. Roy always believed in me and that I would accomplish great things.

Riaan du Plessis

I interview Riaan at one stage, read more here, and we spoke to travel quite often. Riaan always wears a smile on his face and always has a good word to say. His stories of his travels also pushed me to start travelling sooner rather than later.

Christene Muller (my mother)

Last but certainly not the least, my mother has always believed in me and pushed me to do more with my life. Her love, strength and support has been there when I had none left. I am planning to take her to Thailand for two weeks and hopefully it will be a trip she will always remember.


The list is short but these people have all contributed to where I am today. Thank you to everyone that believes in me and pushes me to become a better person.

Where do you go to for travel inspiration?

Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this rather sentimental, moshy piece.

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